Why Seen

Specialized Events

Have an occasion in mind? Maybe it’s a weekend birthday getaway,bachelor or bachelorette party, going-away party?

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have the hassle of planning,booking,and arranging? How about if someone else does it for you at a fraction of the time.

Your events need to be handled with care if they are to be pulled off without a hitch and provide an experience that makes guests want to return time and time again. We infuse fun into your events!

Specialized Entertainment

We are known especially for our local knowledge, expertise and excellent customer service when it comes to anything and everything Entertainment.

By tapping into our 12 years of experience in event management in the Carolinas, we have the very best of relationships with the biggest and best restaurants, clubs, lodging and activity providers, so all of our clients can have the VIP experience.

We have garnered the skills necessary to connect with guests in creative and fun ways, curate an unbeatable experience, and overall ensure that your event is successful.

Specialized Events

SEEN is not just about offering basic assistance to manage your events or kickstart your guest relations; our premium network is what makes us stand out.

We have built powerful connections with people having years of experience. Managing events for the finest restaurants in the world, entertainment venues, and plenty of other notable establishments.

We have the network to staff your event with the best trained professionals. Our networks also mean offering de range of fully tried and tested activities in and around the Carolinas.

We work with well-known lodging venues so all of our customers can benefit from amazing accommodation providers for their special getaway events. All of this is our secret sauce of creating a 5-star experience.